Hijrah and Social Transformation

Last Wednesday sunny-bright morning, September 12, 2018 was one of the momentous spiritual experience for us, all Lazuardians at SMA Lazuardi since our mind and soul spiritually enhanced by a solemn preaching by the respectable Ustadz Haekal Alaydrus and Ustadz Hasannudin.
Inspired by the Prophet Muhammad Peace Upon Him in his spiritual journey to transform amidst such arduous atmosphere due to an unease conditions after losing his beloved wife, Khadijah, his number one round-a-clock person to support him in accomplishing his Da’wah mission in an arid land of Holy Makkah which was full of violent clashes. In addition to it, the losing of Abu Bakr contributed the complete sorrow. Despite this devastating misery, The prophet stood in sturdy in accomplishing his Prophecy.
It was emphasized that the meaning of Hijrah could be categorized into four:
Hijrah ‘Itiqodiyah means the transformation in having faith. In this stage, humankind has great intention to be submissive, more obedient, pious and devoted to God.
Hijrah Fikriyah /Aqliyah means the transformation in implementing rationality. Humankinds are driven to related things based on their rationality since they are equipped with brain. They are obliged to use their logical thinking to believe in the truth.
Hijrah Syu’uriyah means the Transformation of performance. The transformation of performance is manifested in the way how humankinds perform their work-ethic, life style including dressing properly according to the norms.
Hijrah Sulukiyah means the transformation of building characteristic into more noble and respectful manner since it defines who truly they are. (Arifah Hilyati)

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