Cerdas Cermat Islam (Islamic Quiz) for Junior High Students

In this article, I figure out how the Islamic Quiz ran pretty well. In the first session, all participants were obliged to join quizziz, a digital quiz which is educating but entertaining. They were given 30 problems which ought to be finished in 30 minutes. They strived in the race. Significant thing to notice here that quizziz emphasizes not only accuracy in answering the questions but also speed. As the result, the top four participants won and were proceeded to the next session, semi final and final. In the end, two participants went to final. In this session, the teams, in collaboratively, had to answer several questions from the judges. The questions are related to Islamic knowledge. How these participants’ horizon were challenged were breathtaking. The most essential thing in winning the competition here is their strategy to stay collaborative, persistent and  steadfast.

Well, to end it up, it is not only about competition but the cooperation they have been striving for nowadays. Congratulations to the winners. (Arifah Hilyati)

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