Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.Confucius

Expressing gratitude to Allah SWT, The Almighty, The Creator of the finest art, The Creator of beauty.

Women, however, naturally wish to emerge the best version of them.  How they are eager to look attractive is a normal way. Consequently, they make efforts to beautify their appearance.

As one of the events in Lazuardi Festival 2020,  SMA Lazuardi Global Compassionate School, in collaboration with Emina, a beauty product conducted beauty class. In this class, a number of female teachers, staffs and students participated. We were given tutorial on how to put on natural way make up. We didn’t want to miss this precious moment. It has been long awaited as it is beneficial for us.  The importance of looking good in all occasion has driven us to join this event. Everyone was enthusiastic to follow step-by step instruction conveyed by the beauty consultants. The willingness to look flawlessly stunning was real.

It’s not merely  about how to put on blush on, make eye shadow, thicken eye brow curves, brighten facial skin but the skill to apply it really matters. In addition to it, the purpose of gaining self-esteem and self-confidence takes up everyone’s intention.

Indeed, the physical beauty means nothing unless it is equipped with inner beauty. How we have been trying to manage our manner in courtesy, behave well, speak wisely, think positively has driven us into the ultimate level of beauty.

 So, outer beauty matters. Inner beauty, however, matters the most.

This is the way how we define beauty, how about you? (Arifah Hilyati)

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