Exercise Your Body, Energize Your Mind, Recharge Your Soul

“Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate.” Anonymous

Preparing the most comfortable sporty outfits, putting on the most convenient sneakers and rushing to the open yard, facing our faces to the morning sunlight and listening to the instructors have turned into an exhilarating routine.

We stood up in a spot, encouraged one another, motivated those who were hesitant, strengthened them who were less confident. Here we go, solid after being united.

We’ve made it different in every occasion, different motions, different music to keep us away from boredom. Walking, running, jumping, squatting, shaking our body and muscles , making sweat, smiling and laughing. All was done in positive way under morning sunlight and breezy air. What a perfect combination.

Each movement made has left exhausting but pleasant feeling. Inspite of the fact there’s a time we had to wrinkle our forehead due to difficult motion to follow. Meanwhile, we burst into crowd and laughter in the time we met such funny but exaggerating motion.

Each motion was repeated until the sweat flowed and dropped. Exhausted but contented, that’s what everyone felt.

Not only the body keeps moving but the mind and soul keeps recharging. Exercise leads the positive way. (Arifah Hilyati)

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