Lazuardi Dorm, An extended vacation

    Living in dormitory might be a nightmare. It, unfortunately, hardly occurs in SMA Lazuardi GIS dormitory except for those who are not self-prepared, spoiled, less self-driven, less-motivated and wish to be left steps behind.
Lazuardi Dorm, might be figured out as a little piece of heaven that they create by their own.

The fact that new students feel an unease and inconvenience to live in dorm is normal. It is generally caused by their being homesick for not being able to adapt to their new environment away from their family. They gasp, totally astounded after finding the fact that they have to share the same room with perfect stranger.

It takes time for them until they get accustomed to it. A set of rules and regulation is proven to be true to change themselves to possess positive habits, positive manners, positive discipline, positive friendship that end up to their positive ways of life. All starts with small things such as washing their own dish-utensils after meal, straightening and tidying up their bed sheets, dusting their cabinets, brushing their bathroom ceramics, trashing in the trash bins, switching off the lights and fans after use. It, somehow leaves such long-life effects.

The daily routine cycle starts up at 4 A.M early dawn when they have to get up from their bed. Tidying up and straighten their bed sheets before leaving the room since they need to rush to take ablution for dawn prayer at the school mosque. The chanting of Shalawat to the Prophet Peace Be upon Him and Asma’ul Husna is heavenly echoed, leaving peace in mind and soul.

Having accomplished their obligatory dawn prayer in mass, they take shower, clean their body up, and be well-groomed. Leaving their room, they make a short-walk to school cafeteria where assorted but humble set of breakfast menu are provided for them to recharge their energy for the whole-day school activities. Making a queue and not crossing it? Yes, some time they must when crowd of students are packed. It is an unease in spite of the fact that they find it a pleasant moment to share the same food with their dorm mates. Cheerful laughter burst crack the silent cozy morning.

Once all school activities have completely been done at nearly dusk, it is the dorm, their house to return. Once they get to their room, it takes them for about an hour to take a rest. After feeling refreshed they need to get themselves prepared for another set of evening activities; attending magrib prayer, reciting Holy Qur’an with the guidance of Teachers till Isya prayer comes. Having finished their dinner they are given option to attend drilling class where they acquire more academic knowledge. Being exhausted after study they usually run to the field where basket balls and footballs are playfully bounced. In this situation the tense usually turns into a relaxing and happy moment due to the hilarious jokes, pleasant shouts that lead to burst of laughter.

In certain occasions these eggs have to crack their shells. They visit less-fortunate schools or orphanage and conduct charity, donation and make happy times with the orphans. They learn how to fit their feet on somebody else’s shoes. It is why empathy is essential. In another occasions they visit fascinating spots of destination such as Golden-Dome Mosque situated near school, The Old Town, Museums, Traditional Markets and many other places.

It is indeed exhausted but so much fun, though. It is the positive ambience created at dorm that make them to feel comfortable. In addition to it, positive friendship and positive influence that’s self-motivating and soul-strengthening that guide them to the right track. They learn such meaningful lessons on how to build mutual respect; how to survive amidst the arduous rules they must obey and it is empathy and the ties that bind them into relationship with their schoolmates, roommates, dorm teachers, school teachers and all people living surrounding that lead them to a sustainable happy life. It is truly grateful for being at Lazuardi dorm. (Arifah Hilyati).

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