Since Our Horizon Needs to be Broadened

We escaped from the hustle and bustle, skipping for a while our daily routine activity. SMA Lazuardi Global Compassionate School had excursion to several fascinating destinations in Bandung. Each cohort went to different destinations.

The tenth graders visited Tahu Susu Lembang (milky bean curd factory) and Caladi 59 T-Shirt Factory. In the first destination, we were given an opportunity to observe the process of how milky bean curd was made. The first process was how the main ingredients and its composition were selected. Afterwards, these ingredients were proceeded to molding. In the second destination, we were heading to Caladi 59 T-shirt factory. We were amazed of how T-shirt was made, the image of the T-shirt was printed and sewed. We had such joyful leaning.

Another exhilarating experience was the trip to the Center for Artificial Insemination and the Plant and Vegetable Research Agency (Balitsa) in Bandung. This field trip has been carried out by The Eleventh Graders and provided many useful knowledge. Besides visiting, students also learned a lot about how to produce frozen semen of dairy cattle and beef cattle in Indonesia because before, Indonesia still relied on imported frozen semen for IB. Through the existence of the Lembang BIB, Indonesia has been able to fulfill some of the needs of cow frozen semen independently.

In Balitsa students learn many things about agriculture. Balitsa is one of the Technical Implementation Units (UPT) of the Agricultural Research and Development Agency which is under coordination and is directly responsible to the Horticulture Research and Development Center. Students are directed to the observation field to find out the processes and types of plants that are being studied. In addition to it, students are also invited to learn various types of efficient and innovative planting techniques.

Since the twelfth graders are being prepared to pursue their education in which their future career will begin after they graduate from SMA Lazuardi Global Compassionate School, these students were brought to two reputable universities, Padjadjaran University and Telkom University. In these both universities, they were given an overview of the university profile including the choices of majors, facilities, lecturers, students’ activity, excellence program of each, career offer and definitely the education admission fee. The choice has been given, they will make up their mind where they wish to pursue their education since their bright future is ahead.

To sum up, these minds have been refreshed, the energy has been recharged. And indeed we are truly grateful for it as we have learnt and received such valuable learning that day. Hamdallah.

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