SMA Lazuardi team got the Gold Medal in Phattalung International Science Fair 2020

The event was held on 7-8 January 2020 in Phattalung,South Thailand. There were 9 countries (Thailand,Indonesia,Malysia, Phillipine, Vietnam,Singapore, Turkey,Germany) that participated in this event.⠀

Team from Lazuardi (Vania, Gerald, and Syafitri) brought the project “The Utilization of Orange Peel Oil as Basic Ingredient to Make Liquid Detergent”⠀

Detergent contains surfactant that can cause water pollution. Surfactant has a hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics that is also found in the emulsion of orange peel oil. With that, we decided to replace surfactant in detergent with orange peel oil.

Congratulation kiddos!

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