By : Revlis Zavier (Grade XII Social) – SMA LAZUARDI GCS

JAKARTA: Greenpeace Indonesia cooperate with other environmental communities held Climate Strike on Friday 20th September at Taman Aspirasi Monas. This event was held because of the recent Climate Crisis especially in Indonesia where many big forests currently in Kalimantan and Sumatera. Many people came, including us the students from SMA Lazuardi students.

Our students (Kayla, Junika, Bita, Chintya, Revlis) joined the Climate Crisis event, this event intend to press the government to put a stop and take action about the forests fire in Kalimantan and Sumatera that made our country’s heat increasing, the air also is not healthy to breathe in cause it’s already polluted

Kayla and her friends took part in the climate strike and school supported them to join this act. As the future of the nation, they care about the earth condition. Earth is a planet where every living creature live. God made a creature that have intelligence and sense to utilize every aspect on earth. That creature call human. We, human, always take advantage of every aspect on earth since we made and live on earth. Human always have a great connection between creature on earth.

Time goes by, us humans use our intelligence to develop many aspect for our daily lives by using technology. Technology have helped us in many way and it’s the main things that we use for our daily lives, at first we humans thought that it was okay to constantly use so we made many other development until we ran out of our earth supplies, we humans made a mistake.

We are using and took many things from our beloved planet sch as soil, trees, water, land and many more. Scientist predicted that eleven years from now our earth will die, there are also many research about the current situation like our ozon layers are getting thin, the earth temperature is getting hotter and pollution everywhere.

Human already destroy a place, an only planet they only could live. We ignore those change and made worse of it. What made worse, every nation leader ignore a fact that they know it more that theirs people. Every company leader also know about that and ignore it. They only think about money and power.

Because of that reason, on 20 September 2019, 13:00 WIB, every student, collage student, family, many people in Indonesia went down the road to demonstrate about the climate change. We ignore our study to be on the road, so that we could change our future. If we, a students. also ignoring the climate change, our future will be dark or worse, GONE. We went down the road so that every world leader know and notice about it.

We want every world leader, every person, every people, who still ignore this fact, this reality, we want them to notice and take action about it, and stop ignoring it. If we keep ignore it, ‘’There’s no planet B’’. We couldn’t live on Mars or venus, Human need Oxygen to live.

There a catch prase that we always said it over and over,
“If we don’t care about ths earth then who else?? Isn’t this our beloved earth?? We as the future leader of the world we will fight for our rights to live and protect our mother nature.” Kayla.

The climate strike ends in Taman Aspirasi Monas in front of the presidential office where all of the strikers and activist gather all around to share their statements and beg the government to hear our voices for climate justice.

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